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I missed out Saturday on my last entry, and it was a relatively big day in Raggers so best mention it.

That morning I was online, so thats when I did the big update. I then went to the beach as Colin was hanging out with Mike and his mum. I got eaten alive by sandflies (who for some reason that day were feeling really hungry) which turned into a massacre with dead flies all over my towel. I eventually gave up and went to the point (a kind of look out over the beach which is very pretty) and sat in the car and read for a bit before heading back to the house. Chilled out for a bit at the house and had some amazing beer fried chips with Phil and his girlfriend Gypsy outside in the garden which was nice. Later on Mike, Mikes mum, Reba, Colin and me went to the Harbour View hotel/pub on the main street for some munch. Mike ordered mussels and I had one, one of the many new things I have eaten on this trip, my new tastes include; onions, parrotfish, pumpkin, mushrooms, and a whole load of other things which I can't remember right now. Anyway, after some seafood chowder (that was pretty good too) Mike drove his mum back and we all chilled at the pub and then went through to the sports bar where The Midnights were playing. All the music here is reggae and ska, which is fun, it fits into Raglan perfectly, just chilled out and relaxed. Its so nice being here because I have nothing to worry about at all, everythings perfect and stressfree. Its going to be really hard leaving.

Now I have to tackle the whole of this week, I've started writing this at 11.35am so lets see what time it is when I finish...

Monday was pretty boring as it rained for once. The lands so dry around here it was actually nice to have some rain. I went for a run and luckily got in just before it really started throwing it down. Colin was at work so I just chilled out with some music and watched a 70s show on my ipod. I wandered around the corner to the takeaway and got some chips as I was a bit peckish and met Colin, Nash and Reba on my way back and they were going into town for food so I went avec them. We went to the butchers too and got some mince to make burgers out of as Bess (have I mentioned her before? She works at the lodge) had her dad and sister staying and was having a BBQ at the Lava Lounge (a small apartment kind of thing which is run by Karioi) that night. Once we got back home Mike made the burgers and we went to pick Nash up and then went round. It was a nice night with the normal Raglan crew. Scotty (another person, hes Scottish though) found out that I was born in England and looked very dissappointed and just said, I don't know what to think now... it was very funny. The food was amazing, everyone had brought something so we all got stuffed.

On Tuesday Colin left early to take Bess, Brendon, Bess's dad and sister to the airport and it was cloudy again so a pretty boring morning. Gypsy came into the kitchen and gave me a pair of her loose brown 3/4s as she had no space in her bag for them which was cool, they'll be prefect for Asia. Once Colin got back we watched The Flight of the Conchords with Mike and Reba which was funny, although Mike decided it was even funnier after a few beers later on. We then took the boat out at about 5 or 6ish and went for a cruise about which was cool because Raglan has so many little bays and nooks and crannies. We went over to the pancake rocks too (they just look like stacked pancakes hence the name) and pulled the boat up in this little cave thing and had an explore over the rocks. Cruised about a bit more until we started heading back and the sun was setting and it was very pretty, really amazing sunset. It was red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, black... Once back on dry land we went and had verrrry greasy chicken burgers at the chinese shop (the only place open bar the pub after about 7) before Mike, Reba and Colin went up to play poker at Jeremys (another American) and I went back to Tahuna to watched a number of dvds with Rommy. Have I mentioned Rommy? She was staying with Alex for a few days.

On Wednesday the sun finally came back to Raglan and I took full advantage and had a nice seat outside, it was most amusing having my parents call and say that snow was due back home! That morning we went supermarket shopping although I was feeling a bit ill so didn't input much (which I later realised resulted in us getting nothing which makes a meal, Colin and cooking don't combine.) Then we met Nashy and drove her back to ours where we played hackey sack for a bit before going out for a bit of frisbee in the park opposite. Then headed to the beach where Mike was giving a surf lesson and Reba, Colin and me chilled out in the blissfull sunshine which actually turned out to be a bit chilly. I went in for a swim (think thats probably why I got cold after) and they didn't surf. Oh that day Colin and me went to the dump too which was a special moment as Colin loves the dump. Its actually a recycling place where there is very cheap furniture, just about every person in Raglan likes the dump because of this. I'm not sure what I did that evening but I'm pressuming chilling at the house, but I didn't write it down in my diary.

Thursday was another lazy day, didn't get up til pretty late and then went for breakfast at the bakery... so healthy. Haha, I had an egg sarnie tho so really it wasn't that bad. After that we went to Whale Bay and Colin surfed. I got some snaps but it got a bit cloudy so they didn't turn out very well. Met Rock and Zennor coming out from surfing Indicator and had a chat. Colin doesn't surf there as apparently you have to be a big local like Rock or a legend like Zennor to get to the front of the queues for waves. After that we chilled for the afternoon in the garage with Mike and Reba before Reba took Colins car to the lodge as she was on night duty. After that Mike and Colin went and surfed Manu Bay. I watched but couldn't find them as the sun was setting. I did see a whole load of munchkins surfing though, really tiny little kids on dinky boards just ripping up the waves. After that we went up to the lodge and realised we hadn't eaten so Reba lent us a load of veggies and noodles and I made stir fry while the guys played poker. Colin got into the final while I went on the internet (to get the scone reciepe my mum had emailed me) and played pool with Rommy. I nearly won until she got lucky and potted her last 3 balls all in one shot. Well, in 3 shots, shes not that good!

Friday was my cooking day. Colin, Mike and Alex went on a surfing mission with the boat to find some big waves and so Reba and me chilled. We went into town and while I got my baking supplies (at the check out the girl was like, 'baking today?' and a little old lady heard and said, 'ooh you're a good girl') Reba got a wetsuit from the surf shop. Once back at the house I started cooking and whipping the cream. Cream is stupid in this country. They only have it in a plastic bottle like milk and only one type, no double, single, whipping malarky. So I had to get that, along with two very tiny little whisks and attempt to whip my cream. It took me about half an hour in the morning and another half hour in the evening to finally get it reasonably thick. I had the dedication though, I do like my whipped cream. And it was darn good. The first batch of scones lasted about 2 seconds because Cam came home and turns out he rather likes his scones. While all this was going on we found out that Wes, JD and Mark the Shark had been ganged up on by 6 Maori guys right outside the sushi place (in the town centre, in broad daylight) who claimed that Mark had stolen one of the Maori guys aunts purse. He then proceeded to hit Mark a few times until he was knocked out. The police turned up (their station being literally across the road) and urged them to prosecute but due to them being locals and too afraid (rightly so) that the Maoris would get them if they did, they decided not to. This kind of thing happens reasonably often, Cam said some guy once hit him in a park and then just walked away, without saying a word. And they get away with it most of the time because people are too scared to stand up to it and have no protection. I hadn't realised the gang culture in N.Z was so big but it really is. So after that Reba and me went to get Nashy and headed to the beach. The waves were flatttttt. So they went out for a paddle on their boards just to look the part while I made a sandcastle. Shortly followed by a whole load of little feet trampling it down. I got a message from Colin confirming he was home and not happy that I had made scones and not saved one for him so once home I started on my second batch, with double mixture this time. Ollie came round for a bit and played frisbee with Colin meanwhile. After that we went into town to get stuff for chicken curry but found that there was no chicken! So that plan went down the drain. Lots of people started turning up at the house and we had a bit of a party and a few drinks for Rommy and Gypsy leaving. Gypsy made an ammmmazing potato pie thing, wish I'd got the reciepe off her, it was sooo good. All in all a really nice evening.

Saturday was very amusing. Colin left at about 4am to go get Justin from Auckland airport with Mike. I woke up at about 11 and went to get my phone from the living room and found I had a missed call and 3 messages... all from Colin. The first saying, 'gutted, he doesn't arrive until tomorrow.' I called him and told him he was verrrry silly. Honestly can't believe they managed to do that, Colin had gone online the day before specifically to check the date. So they planned to stay in Auckland over night and not come home. I got Nashy at home and Reba at the lodge, informing Reba what had happened (Mike lost his phone) and we had a very good laugh at their expense. Anyway, we all headed into Hamilton with Colins car and went to see Step Up 2 which was so cheesy it just made you cringe the whole way through. Once back in Raglan Nash and me went to keep Reba company on night duty before dropping Nash off back home and going back to Tahuna where I told Cam, Phil and Alex about Mike and Colin and we all had more laughter at their expense. I had a bit of dinner before going to the room where I found a praying mantis on the wall. I was going to get Cam to come and get it but decided to just be brave and deal with it myself. So I got a box and pushed it against the wall until the mantis fell inside and then ran into the 'ballroom' (big empty area outside the room) and chucked it on the floor and then shut the door. I was very chuffed with myself.

Sunday I got Nashy at 11 having woken up early at 9 for some reason. We went to the lodge and Nash scraped the wax off her board and reapplied it while Reba was cleaning rooms. Then we went into town and I bought my bucket and spade which I'd been harking on about. The man in the shop was verry funny. He came up to us and said very seriously, 'here we have authentic New Zealand made buckets, and spades here. These buckets and spades come with shape cut outs and are slightly more expensive at $6.50...' I was going to laugh at him because I thought he was taking the piss but I realised he wasn't so just said thank you. Very wierd. Anyway, I got the slightly more expensive one and took it to the beach. We met Carmen and Dean down there, Dean said my bucket and spade was actually pretty cool (oh yeah) and we all proceeded to use it. Nash and Reba went for a surf and I went in the sea for a swim but it was so darn cold I got out shortly after. Once home I made more scones, and felt faint whilst doing so. Its wierd because when I made scones at home ages ago the same thing happened, so I wonder if the feeling of the dough makes me go all quesy. Very strange, anyway, went for a lie down before continuing making them. Reba is now living at the house with Mike as shes taken the week off working at the lodge and saves her paying for accomodation, also because we might be going away. So we took some scones, curry sauce, rice and whippy cream and went round for Nashs where I carved a chicken! And we made chicken curry with it. We were all VERY full afterwards, so much so that I lay on the ground unable to move. After that had gone down we had hot choccie with cream and marshmallows. All while watching quality TV such as The Simpsons, My Name is Earl and Greys Anatomy. Nice night. Reba and me then went home and finally saw Colin and Mike, after having avoided them all day, haha.

Yesterday I met Justin, who was very friendly and gave me a hug. It was a really sunny morning so we took the boat and with Mike and Reba went to JDs ranch which is across the bay, so quicker to get to by boat than car. I met Summer, JDs dog who is the same colour as Mona, the kitten. Summer reminded me loads of Beech just because she would roll over onto her back immediatly when you started stroking her. Reba and me went for a walk up the track to the sheep, and climbed on some rocks near a waterfall. Justin told us about his plans for opening a luxury outdoor adventure place in the South Island. He says hes got the best chef in LA coming over to join him and hes already lined up investors in the US. Its going to have heli-skiing, rafting, surfing etc all year round as well as a spa. He said we'll have to come over with Mike and Colin when its finished in 3 years time, haha, that would be nice! News came over that the waves back on the otherside were 5/6 foot high and so we went back via Sarah Corbo/JDs where Justin is staying (and more importantly where Mona lives) to get Justins board. While I had a cuddle with Mona. Ooooh shes just so lovely. When we were leaving Sarah came out and was like, just checking you're not stealing the cat... I'm very tempted. Dropped by the house to get Colins board and saw Wes cleaning the bathroom ! ! ! ! The bathroom was rediculously dirty. Every time I was in the shower I just wanted to scrub the black dirt from the bath but it looked like it wouldn't budge, it was just that dirty. Its a good thing I'm pretty resiliant to these kind of things because I don't think I woulda gone in it otherwise. Anyway, Wes had decided that he hadn't done any cleaning so got out a pair of rubber gloves and some hardcore cleaning spray and now the sink which looked a funny yellow colour under the black and grey grime has turned out a light grey colour! Who would have thought! Anyway, on our way we saw Nash hitching so picked her up and once Colin and Justin got out at Whale Bay, I drove Nash up to the lodge so she could go online quickly. We then went back down to Whale and watched the sunset and took loooots of pictures, it was a really huge big red circle setting over the grey blue green sea. Colin got out after about an hour or so, said that the waves were too big, which they were, really crazy. He tried to drop in on 3 and just got smashed up in them. Once Justin got out we went in to meet Tim Mac and Sooze (they own the backpackers in town) in their amazing house next to Whale Bay. Its all wooden on the inside and cozy warm. Then we headed back to town and got dinner at the Harbour View, I treated Nash to a burger. Oh and a funny thing happened, I forgot my ID and the barmaid asked Colin if I was getting a drink and he said no because I'd forgotten my ID, and she said, oh its okay, I remember her, but I don't remember the blonde girl. And I was like, thats funny because she lives here and I've only been here a few weeks. She kind of laughed and apologized. She did offer Nash a beer in the end but she just wanted water. Anyway, we had amazing veggie burgers, and then Debs turned up and shared a boysenberry and apple pie with me which was looovely. After all that we dropped Nashy off home and went round to watch TV with Corbo for a bit at Justins. We played with Mona and her little ball of tin foil. She turned nasty though when Colin was stroking her, she put her ears back and wrapped her claws round him and tried to bite his hand. He had his palm flat though so she couldn't but she had a good time trying. Aww she is so gorgeous, I'm so glad Justins staying there because now I have an excuse to go see her, haha. The Mighty Boosh was on for a bit too and I'd been telling Colin about it, he didn't really get it though, he thinks we British people have a funny sense of humour.

Today has been chilled, its pretty sunny although a massive grey cloud is looming. I've booked my places to stay in Sydney which I leave for on the 15th for 3 days so thats all sorted. Oh, today I found out that Wes's brother is a model, hes in Colins Rolling Stone magazines and GQ advertising for Hugo Boss and Cavalli! Its really funny, he looks a bit like Wes and there he is in these huge international magazines. Reba and me just came online to check the weather and we've just planned the road trip. Leaving tomorrow to stay in a place at Henderson Bay near the very top of N.Z. Weather looks good so can't wait.

Much love,


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Hi Liz
We are of to Arran for Nick and Jennys do. Thank you for all your news. It will be hard leaving all your friends but you will be able to keep in touch. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Will phone Mon or Tues. lol mumxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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