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On Monday the 21st it was my mums birthday and it was also the day we flew to Cambodia. We arrived in Siem Reap after just an hours flight from Bangkok to blue skies and rediculous heat, even warmer than Thailand. Very sticky. The airport is international, very new and very nice. Siem Reap is quite obviously built off tourism. Our tour guide met us at the airport and bundled us into a taxi to take us to the hotel. Driving down one of the main roads (as in the ones with tarmac, there are 3 main roads, one to Angkor Wat, one through Siem Reap and one from the airport) was a bit like what I imagine the Las Vegas strip is like except slightly smaller and less lights. But you get the idea, lots of big hotels with lavish, traditional-looking Cambodian architecture. Our hotel was very nice, once we arrived we went straight to the pool for a lie in the sun and then some late lunch which included watermelon juice - soo good! One of the nicest thing in Asia was the nice fresh fruit juices. After a while I was getting quite tired and uncomfortable in the sun so my mum stayed down there and I went up to the room for a nap, my energy levels were getting verrry low and my throat was even more sore than before. Later on we went down for dinner (buffet again!) and watched the Cambodian dancers outside who were really good. The dancing is very slow and they move their hands and feet very intricately, wearing these gorgeous silk baggy 3/4 trousers, white tops and lots of gold jewellery. Once we went back to the room we watched Braveheart for the first time!! Very funny to be watching that in Cambodia of all things.

On Tuesday we were booked to go on the tour of Angkor Wat all day. I however was very, very ill, and it sucked! I felt tired, couldn't hear because my ears were still up in the sky and my throat was the worse it had been and not nice at all. My mum got a 'doctor' to come up, although whether she was a doctor or not we don't know, she didn't even look at my throat! She did give me 2 days worth of 3 antibiotics and 3 vitamin C tablets though. Until they kicked in she suggested that going outside to the heat and then back in cool air-conditioned rooms probably wasn't helping. My mum put off the tour for a day, but that was the most she could change it. She spent the day by the pool and taking a trip into town while I slept most of the day - not the exciting Cambodian experiance I was hoping for.

Wednesday my mum went to Angkor Wat for the day long tour while I still wasn't feeling well enough to go. It was another boring day of sleeping and a bit of tv. When my mum returned I got to look at the photos on my camera, but I really didn't want to get this close to Angkor and not go see it for real!

On Thursday I felt a bit better but didn't want to risk it getting worse again by going out so my mum went on the tour of the floating villages alone again, and again I just got to see the pictures! We met the 'doctor' again and she gave me another 2 days of antibiotics as they seemed to be working. That evening I went down with my mum for dinner in the restaurant instead of room service.

Friday I felt a tad better, but out of sheer determination we went to Angkor Wat so I could see it, and it was totally worth it. Its so huge and vast, and the amount of work that must have gone into it is just crazy. Almost every single wall or pillar is carved with so much detail its like wallpaper. We visited Angkor Thom as well, which is the temple with the faces carved into the stone which is really cool, but a bit more derilict than Angkor Wat. Outside of there I bought a hat from a really nice girl who mustn't have been older than 13 or 14. I have to say, all of the Cambodian people who I did meet on my short visit were really friendly and happy, considering how much death and destruction which has so recently been inflicted on the country, the people are obviously keen to forget and rebuild. After Angkor Thom we went to Ta Prohm which is the famous temple from the Tomb Raider movie and which the jungle is taking over. Its really cool because the trees are like nothing else, all the roots wrapping around the walls and slowly destorying the temple. In a few years it will have been eaten up by the trees. Its quite spooky. Once we got back to the hotel I was really knackered out but so glad that I managed to make it, it really would have been awful if I didn't get to see it. After a short nap we went down to get massages at the hotel spa which were ammazing, after massaging your arm of whatever the lady pulled it so it went all tingly and really nice, haha. She pulled my fingers though and they clicked and I hate that, I always told Colin off when he did it cos its really gross, ha. After that we had dinner and then got a tuk tuk around Siem Reap which was quite good because I hadn't seen very much of it!

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