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we'll go dancing in the street


13 minute count down... Not sure if I can type that fast but here goes...

Today we went to to the cafe down Broadway as usual for breaky. Then walked down to Victorias Secret and got my pyjamas after being repeatedly harrased by the sales staff. Fee thinks the boss guy was in and so they were all being uber helpful but it was verging on uber annoying. I got asked about 5 times when in the changing rooms if I was okay, and then at the cash desk I had to tell them who had helped me, 'was it Christina or Fatiya or Charlene...?' I just picked a name and made it up... So anyway, after that we headed over to the Guggenhiem. Bit of a let down because the gorgeous outside of it was under reconstruction and so completely covered in scaffolding! Inside was really good tho, fascinating exhibition by Cai Guo-Qiang. We've realised that while I'm interested in art with meanings and stories behind it, Fee prefers non-objective, more abstract stuff. So we covered it all. After that we walked down East to find somewhere to eat, which took a while as everywhere was really pretty pricey. Eventually we found this nice little place and had pizza and gatorade, whoo. After that it was back down 5th. We went into the Apple Store which was amazing. We had a play about with the MacBook Air which was amazing. I didn't think I wanted it or was that bothered by it but after typing on it and picking it up I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Haha, it was amazing though. I miss my maccy. After that we went into TIffany, we did it properly this time instead of chickening out in the lift after choosing the wrong floor and ending up in the wedding section, haha. We did every floor this time, it was AMAZING. The diamonds glitter like nothing else when you walk past, they're so gorgeous. We went to the engagement and wedding section and I found my 'Legacy' $70,000 engagement ring. Haha, I took a picture of it. Its sooooooooo cool. One day... So then we looked at the crystal and stuff and silverware and everything, all v nice and v expensive. Fee tried on a bracelet she liked but it was about 200 quid. I saw some really nice necklaces, silver chains with gemstone hearts. I think it was by Palma Picasso, in her style anyway. So after that we headed out rather dazed to Abercrombie. It was just as good as last time! Except I had a TONNE of stuff to carry coutesy of my sister. Tried on lots, bought rather a lot too... After that we went to MoMA as its free on friday nights. Was fab seeing things again, I was a happy bunny. Then headed down to another Victorias Secret (Alice you better be thankful, we walked miles!) to get Alice's bikini. Just got the subway back and into the room, where there are now 2 foriegn girls. Which sucks but never mind, last night!

I'd love to add some funny little stories from the day but I've got 1 minute left and no more $1 bills, so you're just getting the boring run down!

Night night!

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all you need is love


It was sunny today! Freezing cold but clear blue skies. So rediculously glad it wasn't wet cos it really did suck.

Last night had the luxury of two blankets and two sheets which was almost like a duvet, so nice and cosy even without our working radiator. Reluctanctly crawled out of bed in the morning to have a boiling hot (it was almost TOO hot) shower. Then headed out to the cafe for breaky then down to downtown and Chambers Street. After much walking in circles around blocks (map reading wasn't going too well as it was so cold I was more inclined to keep my hands in my pockets than out with the map) we eventually found ground zero. It was wierd seeing it again, 5 years on. The cross which I took a picture of last time had been moved to up against a building, so got another snap of it. Then looked at the signs advetising what they were going to do with the site. Its still at ground level, clearing up and not much building work going on. We walked all the way around, it was quite eiree and still really moving. Its hard to believe towers so huge fell to the ground into nothing there and so many people lost their lives. Its also strange to find such a large flat space in downtown N.Y. Anyway, after that we walked around the coast to Battery Park and the globe again (the one which had been in between towers). Walked around to Brooklyn Bridge (stopping off breifly for me to indulge in a little bit of cake eating...) and walked across it. The view was fantastic, especially because the sky was so blue and clear; perfect day to walk across, so thanks Rachel for suggesting that one! Got lots of pictures of the N.Y skyline with the Empire State and Chrysler. Once that was done we headed into Chinatown (skirting slightly off track at one point) which was pretty cool, I couldn't resist buying some lanterns cos they looked so amazing, so they are now being added to the box to go home...! Oh and we saw this lobster shop place where the windows were glass and half filled with waters and all these alive lobsters stuck to the side. It was soo disgusting, the water was all green and minging, I don't know who would want to eat anything which had been swimming in there. So anyway, then we tried to find Little Italy, but failed. We also thought we walked through little India but it looked pretty normal so whatever. Then got to Soho. Alice I can see you quite happily moving here. So many boutique clothes shops and amazing cafes. We had a lovely lunch in Soho Cafe before heading down the road to Bloomingdale's MoMA store. Got my dad the coolest present. I'm so chuffed with myself for finding it. After that we headed round to 5th Avenue and a few shops down there, but mostly all the same, GAP, Vickys Secret, Sephora etc. By this point it was pretty dark and we could see the Empire State and it was all lit up - red and pink for Valentines Day. We've seen tonnnnes of people with flowers, and loads of guys buying them last minute from the multi flower shops lining the roads. We had a rather amusing moment when busy taking pics of E.S and another pretty lit up building when I turned round by chance and we realised we were standing infront of the Flatiron building, haha. So got some pictures of that. Then we got up to the Public Library and Grand Central and saw the Chrysler building - my favourite in N.Y - it looked so lovely all lit up, and guess what? My camera ran outa battery! Not amused, had my little one with me but its so shit, all the pictures were blurred even on the shake thing and so I'm in a mood with it. Then we walked across to Times Sq to get the subway.

Since getting back we've been out for food at Picnic, a nice restuarant literally next to the hostel. The set menu for Valentines day was $65, and we were about to leave when the woman said we could just pick and choose and not have the set menu. So being left with the wine menu we ordered, avec alcohol! Very chuffed they thought we were 21, haha. I had an amazing white wine which I wasn't allergic too, it was a dry German Reisling. (Thats for my own future reference, I don't expect anyone to care, haha) The food was amazing, so gooood. I had roast chicken with v creamy mashed potato and runner beans. Was gorgeous. And it came to $61 in the end! So thats like 15 quid each. Niiice.

Anyway 2 mins left, must dash!


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singing in the rain


I could describe today in one word very easily - WET.

It CHUCKED it down with rain all of today, there was still piles of snow on the ground as well and massive puddles on the awfully tarmaced roads they have here (honestly you think pot holes in the UK are bad, one day here would change your mind) so walking about was a nightmare. Fee and me went to our cafe again for breaky and then got the subway down to Penn Station so Fee could buy her v expensive train ticket to Charlottesville. I got a Krispy Kreme donut - finally found where Krispy Kreme are hiding in N.Y! So anyway, very fulfilled we headed out into the rain again and walked to Times Square. We spent aggges in Roxy/Quiksilver and Fee got a top and I decided that something I must buy is some comfy 3/4 lengths for the sunshine... Another thing to add to the list. I'm majorly on budget though, I got 100 quid less than I was meant to in my budget of dollars, and I've got enough to cover the touristy things so I can actually sensibly have a splurge. So anyway, then we walked up through the bright lights to the Broadway ticket place which offered 50% off on tickets, expecting to get a deal on a mattinee show we were going to spend our afternoon there but this bubble was quickly burst as we were told the cheapest tickets were $66! Deciding it was a bit too expensive we headed sadly back into the rain. Popped into another few shops, I went into Sephora again to buy yellow eye shadow to match my gold eyeliner. I could spend hours in there. We had lunch in a v nice cafe place, and then walked back down Times Square and guess who we saw?? The Naked Cowboy!! He musta been darn cold! He just had a pair of pants and boots on with his guitar over his shoulder. He was giving an interview to a camera so couldn't get a good shot of him and Time Sq but got some side shots - bit pervy tho! Then we popped into Billabong for another search for 3/4s but to no avail. Then headed down into the subway again, having a slightly less successful trip and ending up on the north east end of Central Park on 110th Street! So had to walk allll the way back across, but it had atleast by this point stopped raining and meant we went past a post office. Nipped in there and a very helpful woman gave me a box to put all the clothes and books in to send home, she gave me the tip of 'fold and roll the clothes, thats what I do with my kids camp clothes' so yeahhh. Turns out the box is HUGE tho so its all good.

Just got in from the Texan Grill and had a v filling meal. And it was hot which was a nice change! It had a lovely poster on the wall detailing what to do if someone chokes... useful! Also had a massive bull sculpture which took up about half of the floor space. On the way back we stopped in a little store and picked up a New York Times - not to be clever and read the political section or anything, but to fill our boots with it to soak all the water up, haha. Our radiator still seems out of action so I think wet shoes tomorrow are a strong possability. Nothing worse in the world than wet shoes in the morning. I'm so rediculously tired now so think we're just going to head back to the room and chill/fall asleep.

Tomorrow we're planning on heading downtown where we've not been before; Chelsea, Greenwich, Little Italy, Chinatown, Nolita... all these weird districts which seem to have lots of nice little boutiques and resturants. Planning on seeing Ground Zero again and having a walk over Brooklyn Bridge (if its clear and there is a chance of actually seeing anything worth seeing from there). So that should be good, as long as its not wet like today...

Thats all for now, fairly dull report!
Love love,

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the owl and the pussy cat went to sea


Fee has arrived! Yay, I'm no longer a loner, well, for a couple days, haha.

We moved into our room and there are two Swiss girls who speak perfect English. I'm getting increasingly embarressed by the fact that we Brits don't speak other peoples languages... But anyway, they seem nice enough, and we all share the gripe that the radiator is a pain the ass. It hisses (its broken, the hot air which is meant to stay inside it is leaking out which makes the room boiling and humid) most of the night and starts again in the morning which wakes you up. Not cool, we've all complained, but to no avail. Fingers crossed they fix it later. I asked to get moved rooms but noone seems to really care. The managers in tomo morn apparently so maybe mention it to her.

Today me and Fee started walking down Broadway and had a v nice pain du chocolat and cupa tea in a nice cafe place, went into Victorias Secret again (I am majorly debating the pros and cons of this night dress which is gorgeous but a bit pricey) and then headed for a stroll through Central Park, from Dakota and Strawberry Fields on West to Alice in Wonderland on East. Got some cool snaps of us sitting on Alice's knee. Then headed down 5th Avenue and went into Abercrombie and Fitch, which was just plain cool. It was this huge building, and dark like it was club with amazing loud music. All the clothes were just on wooden shelves around the outside, but it was really really dark and cool. Three floors, first we went through and got all your stuff Alice. Some debates on sizes because it was all XS or S and stuff not 2 or 4. I've tried it all on tho and they all seem okay, except your trousers which are majorly flared at the bottom, so are you sure you want those? They had nice 3/4 length versions. The prices you put down in quid is how much they were in $$$s so v cheap. Give me a text asap cos I need to sort it out and post it. I've already decided I'm having my last shopping splurge there cos its so gorgeous. And it smells like Abercrombie and Fitch, it is just so sexy. Thinking of buying a guys stripy shirt for throwing over a bikini in the Cooks but can't decide... I have to sort out my priorities with PJs and shirts! Oh and Alice they had nicer shirts than the Jack Wills ones, more fitted, have a look at them, I might split with you if you get s ladies one, as well as if I get a guys one. Anyway, after that did the usual GAP, H&M, Sephora (little bit of money spent... I was reasonaly restrained!)... Wanted to go into Tiffany but felt a bit scruffy, maybe the last day we'll nip in. Anyway, it started really snowing by this point so me and Fee had some lunch in a Starbucks and then explored the subway! V scary, we managed to get a metro card but were v confused about which train to get, eventually figured it out n relieved to make it to 103rd st station! So less walking now thats sorted. Gona have some tea after here, and then chill out upstairs.

Tomo we're gona do Times Sq, Broadway and all down there. Only full 3 days left really, which is crazy. Its so nice having someone to talk to tho, so glad Fees here, made it all the more magical!

Another thing I've noticed (which I'd forgotten to mention but remembered today cos Fee kept laughing at it) is ALL the dogs have jackets on. Its so funny, some have little hoods with fur lining, I mean, why would a dog need a hood?? Incase its hair gets wet?? Also, can you imagine putting a woolly jumper on your dog before taking it out for a walk? Big dogs look the funniest in jumpers. I did actually see an old Chinese guy walking through C.P the other day with his Scotty dog and it had little shoes on. Thats just taking the piss!

Mum thanks for booking the hotel, forgot my notebook right now but I'll get the details tomo. Got my $20 refund for the last night so thats all sorted. Just need to book the shuttle bus.

Must dash as ever! Much love,


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dum de dah de dah (Gina G)


Hi there, couldn't be bothered going online in the end last night, despite another rather dull day.

Yesterday was pretty much the same as today, the Spanish (yes my Spanish is that good that when they spoke I thought they were Polish or something) (in my defence they do speak v quickly) got up early and buggered off all day. I did my morning ritual of going to starbucks and having a donut and cupa tea and read my book. Today I actually caught myself ordering my tea with an American accent which kinda sprung on me, hearing other people speaking it makes me think in American and then I blurt it out. Was rather funny, I didn't suit it, haha. I also found out me and Fee hadn't been moved into the same room together so was really v angry at the crap receptionist, finally sorted it out today, and I'm being moved to Fees room - 222. The 2nd floor, whoo! No more killing my legs and lungs climbing to the 7th! Anyway, did some doodling in my new Moleskine and bought another pen and more sequins... Wandered down Broadway, went to Upper East yesterday. Its totally different over there, the apartments are a lot lower, and its almost quiant. Fancy doors, doormen and cars down the streets and outside the cafes and shops there are signs saying 'we love animals but please do not bring your pets in' which is obviously a major problem with the small-dog-under-one-arm ladies of Upper East. Also walked past a rabble of young girls n guys who were all clad in UGG boots and designer jackets and v posh looking, Alice I imagine they are the people of the books you read. Its nice over there though, nice shops and cafes. Today I finished my two books so took a wander down to Barnes and Noble and managed to spend about 3 hours looking through the amazing collection of architecture, street art, travel and fiction books. Before settling on another A.M Holmes because she is amazing, reminds me a bit of Annie Proulx just because of the imagery. Was also v. tempted by a book called 'Hold Me Close Tony Danza' which was about lyrics and people mishearing them, flicked through it and actually laughed out loud at some of them, I'll get it another day. I also had a peek at all the N.Y travel books and got addresses for resturants and jazz bars which I'd forgotten to do. So that was nice. Quite a lot of shops down Broadway, went into a Victorias Secret too, its wierd how over here they have all the XS stuff laid out on top, in the UK you have to search to the back to find it all. No wonder theres more pressure to be thin over here. Anyway was v tempted by some really soft and cosy lookin P.Js but restrained... for now. Also went to the store and bought some pots of LUCKY CHARMS. Whos jealous? (Olly I remember Fee n me bringing back those for you last time we visited and being worried customs would catch us and lock us up, hahaha) Anyway, so saving them for when Fee arrives, although I am finding it hard to resist... She should be here in an hour or two tho, cannot wait. I'm getting serious needs for shopping, just walking down 5th Avenue the other day was so delicious. Oh also when I was walking back up Broadway today there was this shop with a 2m high giraffe in the window which you could buy! I can just imagine if I'd seen that when I was little and my room was jungle themed that would have been on my Xmas list for a few years running... It was so cool, I might take a picture of it.

Not much other news, not sure what the plan is for tomo, will play it as it comes. My lovely mother is booking me into a HOTEL for my last night in N.Y (Fee leaves on Saturday and I leave Sunday) which will be bliss, my own bathroom and a (reasonably) soft mattress. Then I'm off to the Cooks... sunshine here I come! I've had enough of this cold malarky here, I just about had ALL my clothes on today to stay warm. It snowed a bit yesterday but today was blue skies and chilliness.

Anyway best put the last few things into my bag so I'm ready to shift when Fee gets here.


P.S Oh Rachel, the headings are just whatever pops into my head when I'm here. And tell Porridge I miss him and I'll be sending him a postcard. Will email you tomo or at somepoint when I remember and have time. xxx

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